Learn About The Modern Types of Warehouse Doors

During the last few decades warehouse roller shutters have evolved. What were labour intensive warehouse shutter doors, which relied on heavy chains to open them manually, have developed into sophisticated industrial high performance doors

What are the five most important reasons for choosing an industrial high-speed door?

We are often asked, ‘what difference will installing a high- speed industrial door make to my facility?’ There are of course, multiple answers depending upon your needs, the application of use and industry sector type. Still, in the main, we have grouped the benefits and advantages together here into five key areas. First off, though, … Read more

Insulating warehouse doors guide

Learn more about the EFAFLEX insulating deep-freezer-door SST-TK 100 The design of the freezer high speed door system was a real challenge. In fact, there were two challenges, physics, and logistics! In deep freezer areas, the physical laws, or to be more specific, thermodynamics, challenged us in three different ways: We need to compensate for … Read more

Why choose an industrial high speed door over a conventional warehouse door?

Typically, clients need some level of expert advice and guidance when looking to incorporate industrial warehouse door solutions within their facility. They want to make sure that the high-speed industrial door is appropriate to the application, capable of the demands and operating cycles, and fit for purpose. It is a capital investment that should be … Read more