Industrial Door Solutions Our Case Studies

Car parks are changing and adapting as users want to feel confident that their belongings are secure against the unwanted risk of vandalism or theft. Whether you are upgrading, refurbishing, or building from new, EFAFLEX understand the needs of the environment and has designed solutions to help.
Cleanrooms by their very nature have to be spotlessly hygienic and free from the risk of cross contamination, or pollution. Our CR Series of Cleanroom solutions have been specifically designed to overcome the challenges faced in this industry; hygienic, easy to clean and a range of door types to match the needs across differing applications.
Cold, chill, or frozen areas of a facility all depend on effective temperature control, the highest standards of hygiene, and smooth logistics to ensure that products are produced, packed, and despatched in a timely, safe, and seamless manner. Our range of high-speed doors including the spiral and fabric roll -up design are ideal across your facility as interior, exterior or to separate zones.
The speed of production, packaging, and logistics is crucial within the food and beverage industry, where downtime can lead to wasted, or perished goods. Harmonising the various stages of the supply chain, from arrival to departure and onwards storage to eventual consumption, mean that produce can pass through a variety of EFAFLEX high-speed doors, each developed specifically for that part of the journey.
Manufacturing – where people and machinery need to work alongside each other in a safe manner, and where unplanned downtime can be costly. Speed is of the essence, while safety is key. Whether clients operate within the automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical or food processing, we have designed a range of high-speed doors that will safeguard, secure, and speed up processes and logistics.
Hygiene, air quality, laboratory like conditions – just a few of the obstacles and challenges that EFAFLEX can help customers overcome. Our high-speed doors impress with their high airtightness and door leaf which prevents the undesired air exchange in areas of pressure differences. Constructed using smooth, edgeless designs. Makes cleaning easier and prevents particles from settling.
Retail facilities have a broad spectrum of requirements; the shop owners focus on security to protect their goods, shoppers want to park with ease and browse in safety, and suppliers want efficient logistics for fast unloading. Regardless of your need, EFAFLEX have a range of high-speed door options to match.
Loading bays, warehouses, despatch areas – all zones where man and machinery meet and where incidents can occur. Using any of the EFAFLEX high-speed door options will help improve user safety, reduce energy costs, and speed up logistics.