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Others may look good, but EFAFLEX outshines with stunning aesthetics.

Shopping centres, retail parks, and out of town outlets; nothing quite beats the physical act of browsing. But behind these shop windows is a hive of activity to ensure that stocks are replenished in a timely fashion, goods are kept secure and access areas are free flowing.

There are a number of key decision-making influencers when designers and construction companies build retail centres. Speed of logistics for loading and unloading of goods, security to protect against unwanted theft or vandalism, as well as user safety both around the facility and when using car parking areas.

EFAFLEX can help across all of these areas to safeguard users and improve their experience, to allow browsers and shop owners alike to operate in comfort.

How EFAFLEX can help the retail industry?

Retail venues come in all shapes, sizes, and locations, from multi-level large retail centres to smaller independents.

Our design engineers have developed a number of high -speed warehouse door solutions that can help around and throughout retail facilities. Take the PS (Parking Series) solution, which is a space saving door that combines speed with durability. It’s been designed specifically for car parking areas to increase security and safety. Meanwhile the unique spiral design with heat insulating EFA-THERM laths incorporated into the door blade can deliver exceptional insulating capabilities for areas exposed to the elements.

Where security is a potential risk, then our speed comes into its own with door options operating at up to 4 metres per second, they are the world’s fastest vertically opening door. Durable and built to last, they are capable of up to 250,000 cycles per year. Transparent door laths can be incorporated where vision and line of sight is important for users. For those requiring increased ventilation such as in car park areas, our punched laths are ideal.

Internally within the facility, may require different or lighter weight industrial door solutions. Here our fabric, roll up high-speed doors prove to be a great all-rounder. Speed isn’t compromised, but an excellent price – performance can be achieved.

How EFAFLEX push the boundaries of innovation with warehouse high speed doors

With nearly 50 years’ experience, EFAFLEX are a company of firsts. We are global leaders in the field of industrial high speed doors and warehouse doors.

EFAFLEX designed the original spiral high speed industrial door. It’s a concept which has been mimicked but more than 20 years on. It remains the world’s fastest vertically opening industrial door. It’s the turbo of all industrial high speed doors!

EFAFLEX – the original and still the best.

We invented the word ‘high-speed door’ in 1981. Since then our development has not waivered. In 1998 we produced the first ever door light barrier to be used in a high speed door. For the first time, an infrared light curtain is manufactured to ensure the safety of the users.

In 2007 we introduced the next generation of the high speed spiral door which revolutionaries the market using its unique thermal insulation door laths.

Fast track to the current day, and EFAFLEX has an industrial door type that will cater for the bespoke needs of all the key industry sectors. Not only that, but we have a door design that is bespoke to your individual niche needs too!

What are the key features of EFAFLEX retail solutions?

With absolute safety

Uniquely fast, secure, and reliable – just some of the reasons why we are installing an increased number of warehouse retail door solutions to the most popular facilities in the UK and around the world.

Why not replace your old roller shutters with energy saving, high-speed automatic doors that are user friendly and secure.

Outstanding performance, durability, and attractive aesthetics make the EFAFLEX retail option the standout solution.

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