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Others are fast, EFAFLEX are the quickest

With user safety and security around car parks continually improving, our range of car parking door solutions are uniquely fast, secure and reliable. The traditional layout and function of car parks is changing as advances in automotive technology, life styles and shopping habits alter. Owners of car parks are increasingly aware of their users’ safety, and the need to improve the customer experience, making their facilities lighter, brighter, easier to navigate, safer and more appealing to use.

How EFAFLEX can help the car parking industry?

Car parks come in all sorts of shapes, sizes and locations. Underground car parks for hotels, residential facilities, or shopping centres where space may be limited. Ground level car parks for leisure centres where open air can mean higher risk of vandalism.

Our design engineers have developed the PS (Parking Series) solution, a space saving door that combines speed and durability. Using our tried and tested spiral design, the PS features smaller lath construction (height of 105mm) that significantly reduces the space requirements at the lintel. Other door systems can struggle due to obstruction caused by concrete beams or sprinkler systems. Instead, the EFAFLEX PS door blade, spirals in a compact fashion to use the minimal amount of space whilst being high-speed.

What are the key features of EFAFLEX car parking solutions?

With absolute safety

Uniquely fast, secure and reliable – just some of the reasons why we are installing car parking door solutions to the top car parking facilities in the UK and around the world.

The door construction can be installed even in confined and limited spaces where head room may be restricted. The door opening speed reduces exposure for the user and can activated using a variety of devices such as remote control for residential blocks, laser scanners for retail shopping centres, or easily integrated into existing management systems.

Why not replace your old roller shutters with energy saving, high-speed automatic doors that are user friendly and secure.

Outstanding performances, durability, and attractive aesthetics make the EFAFLEX car parking solution a clear winner.

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