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Here you will find the most commonly asked questions along with an explanation or answer. If you can’t find the information that you need, then please get in touch and we will happily advise.

General & sales

Our UK Customer Support Team are based just outside Telford. You can place your order directly with the team who use a sophisticated Systems, Applications, Products (SAP) systems that links to our manufacturing site, so we can track your order at every step of its journey.
This can be arranged by emailing marketing@efaflexuk.com or phoning 01952 582 641. Alternatively complete the Enquiry Form (hyperlink to Enquiry Form) and we will arrange for a geographically located project manager to get in touch and arrange a suitable time to visit.
No – there are many differences between the two door types. Roller shutters typically use a manual hand chain to lift and lower the shutter, whereas EFAFLEX doors open automatically using an activation device. Roller shutters are generally not very well insulated whereas EFAFLEX high-speed doors can help reduce energy costs by as much as 50%.
Yes – we have a range of door types that are designed for multiple applications, and locations including warehouse bays, as dividers between halls, and small doors fitted along conveyor belts too.
No – we can match your door to a RAL or Pantone colour in order to blend with your building aesthetically or mirror your corporate brand.
Don’t be fooled! What we would suggest is that you do a simple calculation to include the energy saving costs your new door will bring, plus the reduced service costs as the intervals are far greater than overhead sectional doors, plus the reduced downtime due to their reliability. When you consider the whole life cost of the door, there are much greater cost savings and benefits.

Maintenance & After Sales

We encourage our customers to take out a maintenance contract to ensure your new doors remain operating in accordance with the manufacturer’s specifications. Our products are extremely durable and built to last but having a regular service inspection will help ensure they remain in perfect working order.
That depends on the usage. Our premium products are built to carry out up to 250,000 operating cycles per year. Each door has an inbuilt counter and so we can easily determine your particular service needs. Get in touch and we can put a bespoke plan into place.
We would recommend that in order to prolong the service life of your doors, that genuine EFAFLEX parts are always used. All of our materials are sourced for their quality and durability to ensure your door is operational for years to come.

Doors and accessories

It is your choice. The door opening device (or activation) is bespoke to your needs. We have a number of different activation devices that you can choose from including remote controlled, touchless (which is very popular in high hygiene areas), and laser scanners. Our team can help advice on which activation method would be most suitable for your needs.
The U value, which is also called heat transfer coefficient, indicates the heat transfer through a single- or multilayer material layer when there are different temperatures on both sides. The value indicates the amount of energy which transfers an area of 1 m² per second if the air temperature on both sides differs stationary by 1 K. The bigger the heat transfer coefficient, the worse the heat insulation properties of the material. Thanks to the new EFA-THERM laths, our high-speed spiral door EFA-SST achieves U values up to 0.7 W/m²K (depending on the hanging).
Yes, we can – in fact about 60% of the sales here I the UK are from customers wishing to upgrade and replace their roller shutter systems with a high-speed door. Generally once customers realise the multiple costs saving, ecological and performance benefits of an EFAFLEX door, they use our systems again and again.

The largest door we have manufactured so far, measured W 8500mm x H 11000mm. We do have customers across an array of industry sectors who require very large doors for apertures such as at aircraft hangars, railway stations, and for the emergency services. We always do our best to accommodate our customer enquiries and thrive on a challenge, so get in touch and we will aim to please.

Our EFA-THERM laths are double-walled and thermally separated door laths, the individual panels that make up the door blade and available in thicknesses of 40, 60 and 80 mm. They allow the doors to achieve excellent heat insulation values up to 0.7 W/m²K. The EFA-THERM laths are available for our high-speed spiral door EFA-SST.