Spearheading design innovation... Delivering customer excellence

EFAFLEX is a company of firsts. The first spiral design door that outperforms the conventional roller shutter or overhead sectional design by far…. in every aspect. The first to introduce laser scanners into the door design for improved user safety. The first to incorporate insulation into the door laths to reduce noise and improve thermal properties. The list goes on.

At EFAFLEX you, the customer come first …every time. You are the most important element. Your business, your needs, your safeguarding, your logistics processes. We take each and every installation as a bespoke project. We assess on site exactly what you need, and then configure a door to match. The net result is a high-speed door that during its whole life is far more economical than a roller shutter or overhead sectional door and …tailored for you.

Global Group - UK based

EFAFLEX UK has been established for 21 years as a subsidiary of the global group. We remain a privately owned business, with a near 50-year heritage, that has seen the company thrive and flourish. We are experts in our fields – whether you operate within manufacturing, logistics, food, pharmaceuticals, or retail, we understand your needs and have the knowledge to deliver the perfect high-speed door solution.

We won’t compromise on quality or service. We only use the finest materials using engineering that ensures the products are built to last. With a full-service team based in the UK, we are on hand to service and maintain your EFAFLEX doors for years and years to come.





Others follow…EFAFLEX leads.

We are known for our innovation. We are respected for our design engineering. We are admired for our attention to detail.

EFAFLEX are a company of firsts. Our spiral design door leaf was originally introduced back in 2002, as an absolute world premiere. Fast track 20 years and it’s speed remain unmatched! EFAFLEX are the fastest vertically opening door in the world. Think of the energy savings, think of the logistics improvements.

Moving not with, but ahead of our times.

Configured for you...

…we mean literally! Each door we manufacture has been designed specifically to match your business needs. Our journey starts with a site visit to fully appreciate and assess the setting of the door, and what it needs to achieve. Our team of regionally based project managers are on hand to guide you through the process, the measurement and the configuration. Using our App, we can literally configure a door to your specifics within seconds, demonstrating in real time the operating speed and aesthetics.

This may sound expensive, but once the whole life costs have been realised (initial cost, energy saving the doors delivers, reduced service and maintenance, years of service), then they are more economical than a traditional roller shutter or overhead sectional door.

How we configure your door:

This process is all managed by your dedicated Project Manager, so one point of contact from conception to completion.