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Others manufacture, where EFAFLEX crafts!

Manufacturing – where processes, and people need to work alongside in order to produce products. Speed is of the essence and so is safety. Unplanned downtime can be costly and have a ‘knock on’ effect along the whole supply chain.

Dovetailing the many processes along the journey from production to packaging, labelling to logistics so that they operate seamlessly, can be a challenge. You need equipment you can rely upon. You need products that durable.

EFAFLEX has extensive experience within the manufacturing industry having designed and installed bespoke high-speed industrial doors for clients across sectors including automotive, aerospace, pharmaceutical, and food processing.

How EFAFLEX can help the manufacturing industry?

EFAFLEX products are built to last. EFAFLEX products are designed to overcome the challenges faced within manufacturing, whether that’s safeguarding workers along the production line, securing areas that are potentially hazardous, or speeding up logistics as goods travel from area to area around the facility.

We design and manufacture industrial warehouse doors for every aspect of the manufacturing process. Interior fabric warehouse roll-up doors to zone off halls, thermal insulating industrial spiral doors for loading bays and despatch to reduce exposure to the elements. We have a high speed warehouse door style to suit your needs.

Learn more about how EFAFLEX designed the world’s first industrial high speed door

Our heritage dates back to 1974. Back then we were the first company in the world to focus on industrial high speed doors. Our vision was to develop class leading products, with design edge innovation to deliver high speed commercial doors that would reduce energy consumption, improve user safety, and drive logistic processes.

Our mission is unchanged.

Fast forward nearly 50 years, and today we employ over 1,400 people worldwide, with sales markets in 56 countries.

We are a privately owned family business, where knowledge of industrial high speed doors is passed down through the generations. The word ‘high speed door’ was invented by EFAFLEX in 1981 with our high speed folding door being launched in 1984.

Since then, we have been a company of firsts…the rapid roll up door was launched in 1987, to provide exceptional price performance ratio and later in 1992 we developed the revolutionary spiral high speed door that offers opening speeds of up to 4 metres per second. To this day it remains the world’s fastest vertically opening door.

EFAFLEX – the original and still the best

What are the key features of EFAFLEX manufacturing solutions?

EFAFLEX – fusing innovative technology with ingenious design

For nearly 50 years we have been designing and manufacturing high-speed doors. Manufacturing is a key sector that we supply. We understand the challenges you face.

Our range of activation (door opening) devices, will help speed up logistics. Choose from a range which include remote controlled devices; ideal for fork lift truck operatives, or our ingenious laser scanner which can detect motion and open in a timely fashion. For those that need to safeguard staff against the risk of virus or bacteria, we have the touchless ‘wave’ device.

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Our manufacturing door installations

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