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In recent times, the world of medicine and pharmaceuticals has never been so important to the wellbeing and safeguarding of mankind. The process of research, developing, testing and producing medicines, and drugs demands the highest levels of cleanliness, and air purity, where the risk of contamination can be costly on so many levels.

The pharmaceutical industry faces many challenges. It needs industrial door solutions that can guarantee air quality, that are quick and easy to clean, using materials that are hygienic, minimising the risk of contamination.

EFAFLEX have designed and manufactured bespoke warehouse door solutions for many of the global major players in the industry; household names such as Bayer, Pfizer, and Roche, that similar to EFAFLEX, are specialists and leaders in their fields.

How EFAFLEX can help the pharmaceutical industry?

Our industrial high-speed doors have been designed to overcome the challenges faced by the pharmaceutical industry. The range includes warehouse fabric roll up door openings, developed for the specific requirements of cleanrooms (GMP), where an efficient seal such as occur in airlocks is a critical factor. The cleanroom efficient door (EFA-SRT® CR Efficient) with its space saving design and which offers exceptional price-performance ratio.

For those that operate within the cosmetics industry, where efficient sealing and installation space are critical, we have the high-speed fabric roll up (EFA-SRT® CR C), characterised by its compact design and effective even with a high pressure on the door curtain.

If speed and insulation are your challenges, then the high-speed spiral door is for you (EFA-SST®)

Learn why companies choose EFAFLEX to install their warehouse doors

We constantly seek feedback from our growing number of clients to ensure we deliver an exceptional customer experience.
This feedback confirms that EFAFLEX is a brand that they trust. Trust to deliver a quality industrial high speed door, trust to design a warehouse door that will significantly reduce energy consumption, trust that the high speed door will safeguard users and drive logistic improvements.
Our client base is broad. It ranges from small single site operations, customers that want to upgrade from older, roller shutter type doors, through to major household brands such as Audi, Greggs, and Budweiser.

What do these customers have in common?

They have each realised that installing an EFAFLEX high speed industrial door is an investment and an asset to the business, that throughout its life cycle will be more cost effective than a traditional warehouse roller shutter or overhead sectional door.
Why? Because the products are manufactured using design engineering, innovative concepts that drive business improvements and reducing energy consumption.
The door opening and closing speeds are exceptional…. The fastest in the world. They will reduce exposure to the elements to minimise energy bills by as much as 50%. They are built for performance and can operate up to 250,000 cycles per year, which extends the periods between service checks and minimises costly downtime.

EFAFLEX – a brand you can trust.

What are the key features of EFAFLEX pharmaceutical solutions?

Unsurpassed air tightness to seal high pressure differentials

Cleanliness and airtightness; just two of the key considerations within the pharmaceutical industry. Add in a bespoke solution to match your specific application and you are describing the industrial high-speed door range from EFAFLEX.

Designed using feedback from consumers and near 50-year industry experience, we can supply a warehouse high-speed door solution for your specific requirement. Select from our premium fabric curtain range, or smooth super speedy spiral.

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