Cold, Chill & Frozen

Others chill, but EFAFLEX goes the extra degree!

Temperature control…. where every degree counts. Whether you operate within the food, beverages, pharmaceutical or logistics industry, maintaining accurate temperature control can make the difference between goods being saleable and usable or NOT!

From production to packaging, fresh to frozen, EFAFLEX have a high-speed door solution designed to match your needs.

How EFAFLEX can help the cold, chill & frozen industry?

Food federations expressly recommend EFAFLEX high-speed doors and here’s why. Our range of door options have been designed to offer insulation, safety, and cleanliness across temperature- controlled facilities.

We offer a single door solution. That means just one door can perform all the function you require for your temperature range. Why install and pay for a two layered system, when one can perform the task and speed up logistics in the process?

What are the key features of EFAFLEX cold, chill & frozen solutions?

The one door solution for cold, chill & frozen applications

Safeguarding staff, meeting the most stringent hygiene standards, and ensuring that supply chain and logistics operate without a hitch; these are some reasons why so many customers within this industry have come to trust EFAFLEX.

The high-speed fabric door offers the optimal solution for interior corridors such as food processing areas. This easy to clean door is designed to minimise deposits and ideal for harsh or chilled environments.

Or take the thermal TK door which is designed to operate both inside or outside freezer areas of temperatures of ±30°C.

If you need an allrounder then the SRT-ECO is for you, with its robust construction and space saving design it requires minimal pre installation preparation and forms an ideal barrier to avoid undesired air exchange in areas of moderate wind loads.

For cold, chill, frozen we have you covered.

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