Industrial Fabric Doors

The reliable, great all-rounder.

Our range of industrial fabric roll up doors (R Series); ideal for a wide variety of applications across numerous industry sectors requiring robust factory doors. They are durable, high performance and differentiate themselves from standard curtain or roll-up factory doors with their incredible speed.

The R Series – ideal to eliminate draughts, keep temperature zones constant, and minimise contamination; a true all-rounder, economical solution that stands the test of time.

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Product features

High-speed opening up to 2 metres per second

Up to 150,000 operating cycles per year

Heavy duty interior door

Cleanroom and hygiene versions available

Excellent price-performance ratio

Industrial Fabric Roll-Up Doors For Your Sector

Whether you operate within the food, beverage, or manufacturing industry, regardless if your key driver is safety, air purity, or speed of logistics (or frankly all of these), here at EFAFLEX we have a bespoke industrial door solution to match your needs.

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What are the main advantages of industrial fabric roll-up doors in your warehouse?

There are many advantages of installing fabric high-speed doors compared to an industrial roller doors.

  • Roller shutter doors tend to be opened and closed manually by pulling on a mechanism which is both labour intensive and slow. EFAFLEX fabric industrial roller doors are high-speed, opening automatically at speeds up to 2 metres per second!
  • Industrial roller doors manufactured by EFAFLEX are ideal as an inside door or as an additional hall closure – they are a great all-rounder that offers an outstanding price-performance ratio.
  • The standard curtain is made of silicone-free PVC with specialist options available – PVC coated polyester in food logistics and urethane-impregnated polyester material for painting plants.
  • Our industrial roller doors, with their fast opening and closing speeds, can significantly help save energy costs by reducing exposure to the elements.

Warehouse Fabric Door Range

The fabric roll-up industrial door is a versatile product; a great all-rounder that is ideal as an interior warehouse door and also as an additional hall closure. The style can be manufactured bespoke to fit your commercial application, including smaller widths for Machine Protection, (along conveyor belts) and Materials Transport and Logistics applications.

The range includes;

Heavy duty fabric curtain (EFA-SRT®)

A high-speed, heavy duty roll up industrial fabric door. Ideal for interior factory use, with cleanroom and hygiene versions available.

Opens up to 2 metres per second, capable of up to 150,000 operating cycles per year. Standard sizes up to 6 metres x 6 metres.

Machine Protection (EFA-SRT® MS)

Its space saving, compact industrial door design makes this product ideal for machine protection areas. With its transparent door curtain and edged with warning stripes as standard. Available as flame resistant and UV protective windows for welding applications.

Opening speeds up to 1.8 metres per second, capable of up to 250,000 cycles per year and standard sizes up to 5 metres x 3.5 metres.

Materials Transport and Logistics (EFA -SRT® MTL)

A versatile warehouse door design developed specifically for intensive internal industrial logistics processes. Ideal for conveyor belts, confined space applications as either access obstacle or access prevention depending on the nature of the process.

Opening speeds up to 1.5 metres per second, capable of up to 250,000 cycles per year and standard sizes up to 3 metres x 3 meres.

Unique, innovative safety features

As you’d expect, not only are our industrial high-speed doors designed bespoke to your application, so too is the method with which you choose to open them.

Some opt for a remote-control mechanism which can trigger the door to open on approach from the comfort of a forklift truck cab. Others prefer a more automated systems such as our laser scanner (EFA-SCAN®), which was the first of its kind to be incorporated into factory door systems. Those that operate within hygiene or cleanroom environments, then our latest ‘wave’ device is ideal. Simply wave you hand in front of the mechanism for a touch free, hygienic opening.

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Why is EFAFLEX a leader in industrial door innovation?


We are the only company worldwide that specialises in designing, installing, and manufacturing high-speed industrial doors.
In addition to our unique spiral high-speed doors (S Series) we have a range of industrial roller and factory folding doors. Our experience spans 45 years with ongoing product development to design bespoke solutions across sectors for industries including clean room, pharmaceutical, warehouse, logistics, retail, car parking, food, and beverage.


We are a global business with sales and distribution centres on all five continents. Our vertically opening high-speed industrial door is the fastest in the world, opening at speeds up to 4 metres per second and capable of up to 250,000 operating cycles per year.


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