How would you like your door to open; that will be partly determined by its location, and usage.

Some customers choose a remote-controlled system, ideal for forklift truck drivers to activate the door from the comfort of their cab, others prefer a more automated system where we may suggest our laser scanner, while those that operate in hygienic or cleanroom environments would opt for our latest ‘touch free’ device to minimise the potential risk of bacteria.

Here are some of the range – get in touch to discuss your needs.

The laser scanner EFA-SCAN®

The first laser scanner worldwide to be used for door activation…. that’s the EFA-SCAN®!

It carries out the task of activator and safety system better than any other technology on the market. Its complex software algorithms scan at an angle of 95° (horizontal plane) and 6° (vertical plane) carrying out an incredible 16,000 measurements per second.

The patented technology ensures that the scanner is prevented from falsely triggering (by rain, snow or bright sunshine) and is ideal for outdoor installations.

It not only detects movement but can also calculate distance, direction and speed of an approaching object – now that’s smart!


The networking app EFA -SmartConnect®

Introducing our user- friendly app, the EFA-SmartConnect® that networks our doors and collects data to permanently monitor the status of each door. The built-in technology works seamlessly in the background and in the event of door failure triggers an alert. In line with the principle ‘Diagnosis – Service – Maintenance’ it flags any fault for preventative action, minimising downtime and lowering operating costs.