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Others follow, where EFAFLEX leads

The speed of production, packaging, and logistics is crucial within the food and beverage industry, where produce needs to travel a journey and arrive with the consumer without a hitch. Time is of the essence. Downtime can cause a costly domino effect, impacting along the supply chain. It can lead to wasted, perished products or financial penalties.

Synchronisation is key. Harmonising the various elements of the supply chain is vital to ensure goods are produced, packed and delivered in tip top condition.

EFAFLEX have considered it all and designed a range of door solutions to match every step of the food and beverage journey.

How EFAFLEX can help the food & beverage industry?

Versatility, functionality, durability…. just some of the reasons why the major supermarkets and their supply chain have come to rely on EFAFLEX high-speed doors.

Our industry specific solutions have each been designed to cover the key considerations within the sector. The high-speed door openings (up to 4 m/s) reduce exposure to the elements at loading bays to significantly reduce energy costs by up to 50%. The transparent door slats of the spiral turbo option help increase visibility and allow natural light to flood the workspace, whilst the EFA-THERM laths are a first in the industry to effectively insulate, ensure constant temperatures, and reduce noise.

Built using only the highest quality components, your EFAFLEX high-speed door is a true work horse, capable of up to 250,000 operating cycles per year to increase the periods between service inspections and reduce costly downtime.

Unique machine protection doors can easily be incorporated along the production line to safeguard users, whilst the ECO all-rounder offers an outstanding price- performance ratio.

Internal, external. Folding, fabric or spiral door styles; EFAFLEX have a high-speed door solution to match.

What are the key features of EFAFLEX food & beverage solutions?

From source to consumer, EFAFLEX have you covered at every stage

The challenges of today’s food and beverage industry are complex. Ensuring produce makes it’s journey from source to final consumption in a timely and safe manner is vital. Stages can include production, packing, despatch, and storage each of which are meticulously planned and where unforeseen glitches can play havoc. Reliability and durability are essential; a theme that runs through the EFAFLEX portfolio.

Take the fabric, roll up easy clean curtain (EFA-SRT EC®) with its space saving design, the ideal solution for internal applications that require the highest hygiene, or the deep freeze (TK) thermal door with its exceptional insulation properties and perfect for environments ±30°c.

Meanwhile the high-speed spiral remains the product of choice for loading bays, docks and warehouses where speed of logistics, and safe working need to synchronise effortlessly.

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