Industrial Door Upgrades

Others function, where EFAFLEX outperforms!

Over 60% of our installations in the UK are ‘upgrades’ where we replace existing roller shutters or overhead sectional doors with an EFAFLEX high-speed door.

Why, you may ask? There are many reasons why people make the switch, mainly concerning economical benefits and safety improvements.

Whilst the initial outlay of an EFAFLEX high-speed door may appear to be more expensive than a roller shutter or overhead sectional product, once you take into consideration the energy saving benefits (reducing bills by up to 50%), increasing the intervals between service checks and reducing the risk of costly downtime, the investment is far less in the products overall lifetime.

How EFAFLEX can help improve and upgrade your facility?

Replacing a roller shutter or over head sectional door with an EFAFLEX high-speed door, will bring many benefits including cost savings, improved user safety, and increased speed of logistics.

Roller shutters offer poor insulation properties. Not only is the door itself usually made of cold material, but they don’t offer any quality of insulation. This can equate to hefty energy bills when trying to temperate control a warehouse or hall. Added to this, they are slow to open and close, which can result in prolonged exposure to the elements and again increase energy costs.

What are the key reasons for upgrading your facility?

EFAFLEX – better on every level!

Upgrading your door from a roller shutter system will bring many benefits to your business. The manual pulling on hefty chains is replaced with a choice of activation devices including remote controlled, laser scanner and touchless devices, saving time, effort and the risk of potential injury.

Noisy, clunky metal shutters are replaced with a choice of door opening style and materials including a fabric roll-up curtain, folding, or our high-speed spiral mechanism, all of which operate with minimal noise.

Cold, uninsulated metal that is energy inefficient, is instead replaced with a choice of door materials, including the EFA-THERM door laths which are designed to significantly improve insulation (offer the highest U value 0.62 W/m2k) and in turn help reduce energy costs by up to 50%.

The high quality and durability of EFAFLEX high-speed doors means they are built to last, operating up to 250,000 cycles per year. This increases the length of time between service or maintenance checks and reduces the risk of costly downtime.

EFAFLEX – better on every level.

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