Environmental Sustainability and High-Speed Warehouse Doors

Environmental sustainability – trendy buzz word perhaps. But here at EFAFLEX we have been focusing on industrial door developments such as energy saving, reducing emissions, and improving insulation properties for nearly 50 years. Each product has been designed and built with sustainability at its core to drive energy efficiency, and improve insulation properties, and in so doing, reduce energy costs.

Our motto is environmental sustainability….. pass it on. That means passing on the benefits to you our customers who buy our industrial automatic doors.

But what is the difference between EFAFLEX and other fast action warehouse doors?


Let’s take a look at some of the key differentials;

  • EFAFLEX industrial door solutions are fast action, or rapid rise. With opening speeds of up to 4 metres per second, they minimise the ‘keep open’ times needed for warehouse traffic to transit through the door. What’s the significance? Well, this reduced ‘keep open’ time can significantly reduce the amount of energy needed to temperature control your warehouse environment.
  • Not all insulated doors offer the same degree of insulation. So called electric roller shutter doors may not have the same quality as our insulated industrial doors such as our TK 100 for instance where their almost hermetic seal gives the highest U Values 0.62W/m2k
  • EFAFLEX industrial fast action doors are designed, using raw materials and components that are more than 95% recyclable, meaning at the end of life, they can be re-used and re-purposed.

EFAFLEX – the industrial ‘green’ pioneers for nearly 50 years where our orange brand is green to its core.

The Role of Warehouse High-Speed Doors in Reducing Energy Consumption

How do factory rapid rise doors help to reduce energy consumption? The shear speed of the door opening can significantly reduce energy consumption. When researching for your next industrial warehouse door, be sure to check the technical specification. EFAFLEX high-speed doors range in opening speeds from 2 – 4 metres per second to reduce the keep open time and minimise exposure to the elements.

Think too how the door is activated. Older roller shutters were manual in operation. The more modern rapid rise industrial doors are automatic. At EFAFLEX we can install your industrial warehouse door with a range of automation methods ranging from remote control, scanners, and lasers; all to minimise that all important ‘keep open’ time and improve user safety.

Examining the Life-Cycle Assessment of High-Speed Warehouse Doors

Much of the decision making of industrial high-speed, fast action doors is based on the initial purchase price. That is one factor for sure, but at EFAFLEX we urge potential customers to assess not just the purchase price, but the energy consumption, the energy reduction that can be achieved, the service and maintenance intervals (and therefore the downtime that will be experienced). Consider too, what happens to the high-speed door once its service life has concluded. Go back one step, and consider ‘what is the expected service life?’ ie how many operating cycles should you expect from your door per day, and per year?

At EFAFLEX our doors are built to last. Operating cycles up to 250,000 per year are the norm and not the exception with us visiting doors to complete maintenance checks that have been in operation for decades and still going strong.

At their end of life, what then? At EFAFLEX more than 95% of the components that make up the fast action door are recyclable; reusable to re-purpose and reduce the amount of waste to landfill.

We urge you to make an informed decision when making your purchase. Think of your tomorrow, today!

Reducing Carbon Footprint through Efficient High-Speed Industrial Doors

How do you reduce your carbon footprint by installing efficient high-speed industrial doors?

Put simply, one of the most significant factors as we have discussed already, is to vastly reduce the amount of time the warehouse door is open during for example, deliveries, goods inwards, and dispatch. Reducing this ‘keep open’ time by the speed of opening, and automation method used, will significantly reduce your carbon footprint. This is especially important where the access is large leading to significant amounts of heating or chilled air escaping. Minimise the keep open time, and you’ll significantly reduce both your energy consumption (for heating or chilling) plus your carbon footprint.

The Impact of High-Speed Warehouse Doors on Indoor Air Quality

Air quality is particularly important in certain industrial sectors for example within pharmaceutical, clean room and manufacturing processes such as food and beverage where contamination could lead to the goods being inedible, unsaleable, or useable.

There are various classes of warehouse high-speed doors available depending on the level of air quality required. At EFAFLEX, we can offer industrial door solutions to meet ISO Class 5,6 or 7. By designing and manufacturing across these three classes means that we can offer the exact match of air quality that the customer requires; not over specifying but matching to the bespoke needs.

Aside from the more obvious clean room environments where you’d expect meticulous air quality, high-speed doors can contribute to the air quality of other environments too. Car parking is an environment where vehicle fumes and the ingress of dust and dirt could be problematic. Our high-speed, rapid rise doors are used at parking facilities across Europe to increase and improve the user experience.

Temperature Control: Energy Efficiency of Rapid Rise Warehouse Doors

High-speed doors help maintain energy efficiency within a building by minimising the ‘keep open’ or exposure time to the elements, and in so doing reducing the amount of heating or chilled air that escapes. This is particularly important where warehouse doors are larger in size, and where the escape of the temperature-controlled air would be greater.

As well as temperature control and energy efficiency, rapid rise industrial warehouse doors can also prevent the ingress of dust or dirt to minimise the risk of contamination and air pollution.

Rapid rise warehouse doors can be considered a benefit for many industrial applications and solutions including logistics, manufacturing, automotive, and food and beverage production.

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