What are the five most important reasons for choosing an industrial high-speed door?

We are often asked, ‘what difference will installing a high- speed industrial door make to my facility?’ There are of course, multiple answers depending upon your needs, the application of use and industry sector type. Still, in the main, we have grouped the benefits and advantages together here into five key areas.

First off, though, what do we mean by ‘application of door use?’ We design and manufacture three main door types (how they operate); they either spiral to open/operate, roll up (similar to a fabric curtain door) or fold as part of their mechanisms.

Our industrial warehouse doors have been used across many applications, including machine protection, transport, logistics, manufacturing, and warehousing.

Clients can operate within a number of fields / industry sectors, which include food and beverage, clean room and pharmaceutical, automotive, manufacturing, retail, car parking and warehousing.

There are, of course, some specific and bespoke needs, which, as our warehouse doors are all made to measure for each client, doesn’t pose a problem. A one-size fits-all approach isn’t for us, but our high-speed industrial doors have several benefits. In no particular order, they will either deliver all or most of these key benefits;

  1. Reduce Energy Usage
  2. Improve User Safety
  3. Improve Efficiency
  4. Enhance Security
  5. Environmental / Sustainability

1. Reduce Energy Usage 

Due to the door speed of operation (how quickly they open and close), our industrial warehouse doors minimise the ‘stay open time.’ Think of this as exposure, either to the outside elements (cold /wind/rain) in the case of warehouses when the door is opened for example, at loading bays, or between two different work zones where heating or cooling temperatures may need to be at a constant level.

Having an industrial high speed door which opens vertically and automatically at speeds of up to 4 metres per second is a massive bonus.

In some cases our high speed factory doors feature insulating laths which help maintain temperature, and reduce energy usage too. Overall, an EFAFLEX warehouse or factory door can reduce usage by as much as 25%.

2. User Safety 

Our high speed industrial doors are a popular choice around areas where people and machinery interact, and the risk of potential incidents increases, in areas such as warehouses, manufacturing facilities or car parks. In all cases, user safety is paramount.

Our industrial doors are designed with a variety of automation and safety monitoring methods ranging from a remote control, laser scanners, and light grids. The doors are manufactured with an automation method integrated at the design stage.

Not only are our high-speed warehouse doors easier to open, (no pulling on chains to open and close, plus little waiting time) but they are available with vision panels to improve the user’s line of sight, reducing the risk of incidents.

3. Improve Efficiency

As our industrial roll-up and spiral doors operate at speed, they reduce the waiting time, improving the period when the operator is available for work. A high-speed industrial door can be four times faster to open than a traditional shutter or overhead sectional door. Increasing opening speed can add substantial efficiency into your logistic processes if you operate within a busy goods inwards or loading bay that typically features bottlenecks during busy periods.

Consider, too, the durability of the EFAFLEX factory doors, capable of up to 250,000 operating cycles per year, extending the time between service and maintenance checks by up to a factor of 10 on some alternative warehouse door solutions.

4. Enhanced Security

Airports, car parks, leisure attractions, and shopping malls are all challenged with safeguarding their users or customers against unwanted access. Our high speed car parking doors are designed to minimise the ‘keep open time’, which reduces this risk. Manufactured using quality materials, our commercial high speed doors are built to last and give the user more control over who has access, quickly shutting in the event of an emergency to reduce the risk of theft or damage to users or their possessions.

5. Environmental / Sustainability

EFAFLEX products are green to the core! From the materials we use, our production facilities, the manner in which our goods are packaged, the transport, through to the product’s eventual end of life, we carefully consider every stage to reduce our impact on the environment and carbon footprint.

Looking at our product material and intelligent design, the aluminium, steel, and electrical components are responsibly sourced locally and can be recycled by type.

Our packaging (pallets/crates) is sourced from local sawmills, and PE films are partially made from recycled material and capable of reuse. The U values on our industrial warehouse doors are exceptional and deliver class leading thermal properties.

Our opening and closing speeds reduce energy costs and help maintain the required temperature in your facility or building. Proven design and built to last, our doors can operate up to 250,000 cycles per year. Add to that an exceptionally long service life (10 years +) and spare part warranties, and you’ll begin to appreciate how an EFAFLEX high speed industrial door will be an asset to your business for many years to come!


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