Dog Food Manufacturer
Industrial Door Case Study

Location: Devon
Sector: Food and Beverage
Products Used: STT 237

Who is the client?

This is a new customer to EFAFLEX UK, who produce award winning quality natural dog food made at their Devon base. Established in 1971, they specialise in supplying wet food, dry food and treats to their canine customers.

What fast action warehouse door did they choose?

Our local Business Development Manager visited the Devon facility in June 2023 where the client had an existing roller shutter and strip curtain in situ, but wanted to upgrade to a better quality, faster alternative.

As you can see in the ‘before’ image below, the existing strip curtain was inadequate compared to the EFAFLEX high-speed products, with gaps creating drafts, and allowing ingress of contaminants. An SST high-speed spiral door was specified for this particular application due to its fast opening and closing speeds, durability, and performance.

We returned to the site in December 2023 for the installation, which included a see-through vision panel positioned at eye level to help the line of sight in this busy two-way traffic area. This will reduce the risk of incidents, maintain temperature for the operatives and enable natural daylight to improve the work environment.

What benefits will this high -speed industrial warehouse deliver?

The SST will help improve the speed of logistics in this facility while reducing the ‘keep open’ time with its fast opening and closing speeds, which in turn will help minimise the ingress of litter or contaminants to help with hygiene around the site.

What are the key benefits of this specific door?

The SST is a popular choice for warehouse and logistics facilities due to its thermally separated laths and double glazed vision panels that drive energy saving benefits. A classic EFAFLEX design with great aesthetics combines fast operating speeds with durability to deliver performance and financial benefits wherever it is used. Available in a variety of options and sizes, it is ideal for busy facilities where speed, safety and security are paramount.

Were there any specific requirements from this project?

This was a straightforward, uncomplicated project where the design and installation went smoothly to ensure complete customer satisfaction.