Welsh Manufacturer High Speed
Industrial Door Case Study

Location: South Wales
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: SRT ECO 274 (high speed roll up)

Problem Solved:

Wind Pressure

Who is the client?

‘Innovating together’ is this client’s strap line which mirrors that of EFAFLEX. Based in South Wales, this client has been specialising in technical power solutions for cars, power turbines, and robots for 175 years, employing 51,000 employees globally. They aim to shape the future by using resource saving products and so no wonder they came to EFAFLEX UK yet again to help solve a site problem.

What fast action warehouse door did they choose?

The client has fabric roll- up doors in situ which are being phased out and replaced with EFAFLEX SRT ECO high-speed fabric roll- up doors. On first sight they may look similar. Both are blue and feature a vision panel, but in terms of quality, performance and endurance they are poles apart. The SRT ECO is an extremely economical door system which uses a slim profile space saving design. It is ideal for internal locations to demarcate areas or zones of work, effectively restricting airflow and contamination.

What benefits will this high -speed industrial warehouse deliver?

Featuring an extra large vision panel for increased visibility and promote user safety, the SRT ECO can open at speeds of up to 2 metres per second and capable of an impressive 150,000 operating cycles per year; perfect for busy environments and minimise costly downtimes.

What are the key benefits of this specific door?

In particular, the SRT ECO was chosen due to its build quality. Fitting snugly along all edges of the door blade, it reduces bowing under wind pressure (a problem with the incumbent design), which in turn helps maintain air quality and reduce leakage of heat or temperature control.

It combines the best of EFAFLEX; design and functionality, delivering an excellent price -performance ratio.

Were there any specific requirements from this project?

This was a straightforward project to replace existing fabric roll up style doors, with EFAFLEX equivalent that are designed to deliver speed, efficiency, and user safety. Having visited the site for previous installations, the client is now well known to EFAFLEX and we are grateful for their continued custom.