VEKA Limited Case
High Speed Spiral Door
Case Study

Client: VEKA Limited
Location: Burnley
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: STT-S

VEKA Limited is a long-established client of EFAFLEX, using a selection of our high-speed doors both within their facility here in the UK, and also in Germany.

VEKA specialise in the design and development of PVCU window systems for both home and commercial applications. Sustainability of their products is key, and they pride their success in a culture driven by innovation and reliability; all values shared with EFAFLEX.

For this project, they needed an industrial high-speed door at the entry of their warehouse that was durable and reliable, but also capable of the huge opening aperture and restricted ceiling heights. Having completed a site survey, we recommended an SST high-speed spiral door design representing the next generation of industrial doors due to its perfect insulation, energy-saving functionality and state-of-the-art technology.

Here we used an oval spiral door blade, which has all of the benefits of our warehouse high-speed spiral door, but used where headroom is limited. The vision panels use sealed units which are double-glazed to maintain insulation values, while providing natural light source into the building to improve visibility for the users.

The SST is class-leading with its U-Values, capable of opening at speeds of up to 2.5 meters per second, and has the highest wind load capacity. It is sufficiently durable to withstand 250,000 operating cycles for busy warehouse environments where reliability and performance are key to minimising costly downtime. It combines durability, performance, and aesthetics.

Standard sizes are w=10,000mm x h=12,000mm but are made to order depending on the opening size.

Pictured you will see a number of different high-speed door designs which are installed around their facility, using a mixture of activation methods tailored for the individual need and which include laser scanners, radars, and remote controls.

VEKA has a full range of EFAFLEX high-speed warehouse doors across the site, from insulated spiral through to our warehouse roll-up fabric doors; all providing excellent segregation of working areas and possible containment.

This was another smooth installation completed by the EFAFLEX installation team.