International Greetings
High Speed Warehouse Door Case Study

Client: International Greetings
Location: South Wales
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: STR-L

IG Design Group plc are based in Hengoed, South Wales. They are an existing customer having used and experienced the many benefits that EFAFLEX high-speed warehouse doors bring to their facility.

Design Group transform paper material into products that are promoted via retailers for celebrations, stationery, creative play, and gifting.

For this particular industrial door installation, we were asked to replace an existing door which was malfunctioning. After visiting site, we recommended our STR-L high-speed warehouse door.

This is a great all-rounder which offers exceptional price performance ratio. Opening up to 4 metres per second, this is a versatile door which can be used as an interior or exterior solution.

Our EFA-SCAN® laser scanner was installed. This patented product can detect the difference between a moving and motionless object, with intelligent direction recognition, to only activate the opening of the door within a specific area. This helps to reduce exposure to the elements and also improves user safety, as the laser technology guarantees a uniquely secure, split-second opening of the door.

Capable of up to 200,00 operating cycles per year, the STR – L will help ensure that the logistics at the South Wales facility run smoothly and efficiently.

We look forward to returning to site to help this client in the future with their high-speed door requirements.