Bath Manufacturer High Speed
Industrial Door Case Study

Location: Warminster, Bath
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: SST-L 237

Problem Solved:

Hygiene / Contamination

Who is the client?

This is a new customer to EFAFLEX who specialise within the farming industry, focusing on dairy welfare and sustainability. Hygiene and cleanliness are key factors for this customer who are part of one of the world’s largest suppliers of systems and components to the food and beverage industry.

They employ over 18,000 staff across five divisions and 62 countries with a keen focus on contributing to a sustainable future. Much like EFAFLEX, their purpose is to engineer a better world and future environment for their customers.

What fast action warehouse door did they choose?

Our local Business Development Manager completed a complimentary site survey to fully understand the needs of this niche customer. They had an existing external shutter in place that was no longer fit for purpose. A SST-L was recommended due to its fast action motion, quick opening and closing speeds to minimise ‘keep open’ time and exposure to the elements.

Typical of EFAFLEX customers, the client needed a high-quality fast action door that would help speed up processes, and durable enough to operate continually throughout the day in the busy loading and offloading area.

What benefits will this high -speed industrial warehouse deliver?

The SST represents the next generation of industrial doors; combining speed, durability, performance, and aesthetics! It is ideal for warehouse environments where exposure to the elements needs to be minimal in order to conserve heat and reduce energy loss. Built using sustainable materials, it is capable of up to 250,000 operating cycles per year, to minimise disruption and costly downtime, while also delivering extended service life.

What are the key benefits of this specific door?

The SST features EFA-THERM® laths, which due to their near transparent nature allow natural daylight to flood the workspace while creating a clear line of sight for increased user safety.

Opening at speeds of up to 2.5 metres per second, and closing at up to 1 metre per second, they have the highest wind load capacity which is ideal for remote or exposed locations.

This client will instantly realise the many benefits that the EFAFLEX SST will bring to their facility.

Were there any specific requirements from this project?

This project was typical of EFAFLEX; replacing an existing product (such as a roller shutter), with a modern high-speed durable equivalent. The project went smoothly from start to finish, from conception to completion due to the combined effort between the customer and EFAFLEX teams.