Snack Manufacturer
Warehouse Fabric Door
Case Study

Client: Snack Manufacturer
Location: Norwich
Sector: Food and Beverage
Products Used: High-speed turbo door (STT)

Around 60% of our industrial door projects involve replacing existing warehouse roller shutters or factory sectional doors which are either old, damaged, or no longer fit for purpose. Here clients want to enhance and improve their facility and to upgrade to use newer, more innovative, safe, industrial high-speed door technology.

This project based in Norwich involved us replacing a warehouse fabric door that was unable to fulfil the client’s requirements or withstand the wind and air pressures. The client is a well-known snack producer whose ethos is to invest in the future. They originally met EFAFLEX at one of our trade shows and were impressed with the build quality and aesthetics of our industrial door products. They visited some of our client installations in order to see the doors in situ before making their final decision.

We carefully considered the client’s needs which included ‘sunlight.’ They had a problem with sunlight affecting the lasers on some of their machinery. They also needed to ensure minimal downtime and exceptional after-sales service levels to ensure production deadlines could be met.

The STT turbo door was chosen as the most suitable solution. As our industrial doors are bespoke, we customised the build to include a small number of translucent door laths into the door blade. This ensured that the drivers of the plant and machinery had a clear line of vision for improved safety, but limit the sunlight affecting the laser equipment.

The STT turbo door has the highest wind load capacity, is capable of up to 200,000 operating cycles per year and incorporates the latest high speed door technology and safety systems.

We will continue to support the client with their service and maintenance needs, with plans for further doors to be installed in the near future.

We were delighted to be involved with this project and help with the client’s environmental philosophy, which includes recycling heat from their frying process to warm the staff facilities!

Why are EFAFLEX industrial high speed doors a leading manufacturer for the food and beverage industry?

In the food and beverage industry, manufacturers of industrial doors need not only to meet the highest hygiene standards, but also to minimise the temperature fluctuations which are critical for food.

High handling capacities, precise processes and short time-to-market are essential. High-speed warehouse doors from EFAFLEX have been designed to combine minimal running noise, excellent insulation, and high opening and closings speed up logistics and movement of goods.

Short keep-open times ensure the constant temperatures in production and storage rooms, while our special machine safety doors protect plant and people; perfect for integration almost anywhere thanks to their space-saving, compact design.

Other high speed industrial doors within our range doors are also perfectly insulated and are ideal for deep freeze areas and temperature-controlled rooms as a truly one-door solution. Innovative design details such as hinged frame covers enable convenient cleaning of the doors for improved hygiene.

Here are some key features of the EFAFLEX industrial for this sector doors;

  • Industry-specific door solutions with focus on wet areas & cleaning
  • Insulated doors for deep freeze areas and temperature-controlled rooms
  • Optional special curtains for industrial high-pressure cleaning and disinfection
  • FDA-tested fabric curtains
  • Industry-specific warehouse door solutions for smooth beverage logistics
  • Unique thermal insulation (U value) for constant temperatures
  • Transparent laths for improved occupational safety
  • Designed for more than 150,000 load cycles per year
  • Opening speeds of up to 4 metres per second and closing up to 1 metre per second