S Tysoe Installations Limited
Industrial Roll Up Door
Case Study

Client: S Tysoe Installations Limited
Location: Exeter
Sector: Food and Beverage
Products Used: SRT-ECO

This is an existing customer, with a nationwide presence, prominent in the food service industry, supplying many of the UK’s supermarkets. We are often involved with projects as part of an overall installation, and our project management team used to impart our industry-specific knowledge and expertise. Here is one such example, where our client S Tysoe Installations was supplying to the end user, and so the project required close cooperation between our technical team, the client, and the end-user

As the end user operates within the food industry, several factors were key in their decision-making process. Considerations were made to the speed of the industrial door, the durability, the ease of cleaning and general overall quality performance to reduce the risk of costly downtimes.

An SRT- ECO industrial roll- up door was the obvious choice for this application, utilising transilon fabric due to its durable and hardwearing properties. The warehouse doors were supplied with a safety edge and photocells for door-line protection, while activation and monitoring were provided by radar.

The SRT-ECO is ideal for use in the food industry, as the fabric curtain is easy to clean but also suitable across sectors to create an effective partition between operating zones. We are proud to have been chosen as their industrial high-speed door partner for many of their sites across the UK for several years.

Why work with EFAFLEX for your warehouse fabric roll up door solution?

Think of industrial fabric roll up doors, and images of flimsy products may come to mind. Doors that aren’t high-speed, that don’t function well under wind pressure, or are easily damaged.

Well, let us introduce you to the world of EFAFLEX fabric roll-up high speed doors, where all of our range are built for speed, endurance, and performance. They are designed to operate under pressure (number of cycles, or wind pressure) and are ideal across a variety of industry types including food and beverage, cleanroom, and warehouse.

Within the warehouse setting, we have designed warehouse fabric roll- up high-speed doors that are suitable for use both indoors and in protected outdoor areas, making them ideal to demarcate areas, and zone sections of buildings such as around machine protection.

We recognise that each warehouse has different demands depending on its use, but that they have similar requirements too. User safety is paramount, as is smooth logistics processes. With concerns of energy supply and associated rising costs, users are looking for better insulation and faster operating speeds to reduce exposure to the elements.

Rest assured … we have it covered! You can contact our team for a free site survey to discuss your challenges.