Birmingham Car Park
Case Study

Client: N/A
Location: Birmingham
Sector: Car Parking 
Products Used: SST-PS (Parking Solution)

This is a recent 2020 project completion for a new car parking client, who manages over 1,400,000 parking spaces across 13 countries. They operate sites the length and breadth of the UK from Aberdeen to Ashford and Edinburgh to Enfield. They specialise in pre-booking and simplifying the parking experience, by allowing users to pay securely via their App.

This client had seen other high-speed door car parking installations that used EFAFLEX products and were impressed with the design, functionality and aesthetics.

At this site, they wanted to further improve their customer experience by enhancing the user’s security as well as updating the aesthetics of the facade. This project was part of an upgrade to their Birmingham China Town facility in the heart of the city centre. Following discussions with EFAFLEX’s parking specialist, they reviewed the options and decided to use the popular PS Parking System door model but tailored to include some bespoke features. There was clever use of transparent door laths to increase visibility and maximise natural day light. An EFA-TRONIC® controller was designed into the specification to seamlessly integrate with the existing parking system, as well as using the round spiral design door blade which is ideal where lintel space or headroom is restricted.

The EFAFLEX team worked closely with the civils and cladding contractor to deliver a lighter, brighter, modern solution that perfectly complements the client’s estate. Further projects and upgrades are expected as part of the upgrade programme.