Retail Shopping Centre
Case Study

Client: Shopping Centre
Location: London
Sector: Retail
Products Used: EFAFLEX SST-S

This project was completed on behalf of a large, prominent shopping centre based in White City, West London which covers 240,000 m² and features 5,500 car parking spaces. They were a new client to EFAFLEX, looking for an industrial high-speed door solution to upgrade their service areas within the facility. We engaged with the end user’s parking equipment provider at the early stages of the process, which was beneficial as we were able to share our advice and experience regarding the bespoke commercial door design requirements.

Our team of specialists recommended the SST-S high-speed spiral door which featured double glazed insulated EFA-Therm laths within the door blade. These helped improve both visibility and maximised light, as well as providing exceptional insulation and maintaining U values.

The aperture measured 30 m² which is large by industrial high-speed door standards. Operational speed and security were key requirements for the end user and so we recommended that a TLG light grid (scanner) and a leg mounted EFA-TRONIC controller were used. The EFA-TRONIC controller requires minimal space and could be easily integrated into the existing building management system, while the TLG light grid can effectively monitor the door line for optimal security.

The end result was a high-speed door that provided the perfect combination of speed, safety, and longevity for this end user, who have further works planned in the coming year.