Pharmaceutical Company
High Speed Door Case Study

Client: Pharmaceutical Client
Location: St Austell, Cornwall
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Products Used: STT (231)

Who is the client?

This installation was for one of our many returning customers, who have experienced the multitude of energy saving, and operational benefits that EFAFLEX products bring to the pharmaceutical sector. The client is a UK-based technical injection moulder with over 40 years of experience, manufacturing 2 billion parts a year!

We were delighted to assist at their St Austell base.

What fast action warehouse door did they choose?

Following a site visit back in June 2023, our local Business Development Manager was able to understand the specific needs of this application and recommended that an STT (turbo door) would be ideal for this environment.

As with many of our projects, this installation was to replace an older roller shutter-type door and we chose EFAFLEX due to our superior quality product and proven performance. This STT will match others that we have installed at the site, as shown in the photographs below.

What benefits will this high -speed industrial warehouse deliver?

The STT is ideal for pharma and clean room applications. Thanks to the laths’ construction, the door blade is over 70% transparent, enabling users to see through the door to reduce the risk of incidents and accidents. The transfer of light provides an effective barrier to control contamination. The STT is unique. Its spiral-fast action is virtually wear-free and capable of up to 200,000 operating cycles per year, ideal for any busy environment.

What are the key benefits of this specific door?

The specific benefits of the STT include;

  • The door leaf consists of 70% of crystal clear acrylic glass
  • Opening up to 3.0 m/s
  • Closing up to 1,0 m/s
  • Highest wind load capacity
  • Top safety devices
  • Up to 200,000 operating cycles p.a.
  • Standard sizes of up to w=8,000 mm, h=7,800 mm

Were there any specific requirements for this project?

This project was completed smoothly from design, build and installation. We were delighted to return to this site and see our previous installations bringing many cost-saving, environmental, and operational benefits to this client.