Polymermedics Case Study

Client: Polymermedics
St Austell, Cornwall
Sector: Pharmaceutical
Products Used: High-speed fabric roll-up door (SRT- ECO)

This is a recent project, completed in 2021 for Polymermedics Limited, a pharmaceutical company based in Cornwall. They have been a client for more than 10 years and have 15 doors already installed and in use.

Polymermedics Limited is a leading global designer and manufacturer of containers and delivery systems for injectable medicines. They have a variety of doors throughout their cleanroom facilities with some being more dated and installed from alternative suppliers. Our involvement is part of a rolling investment and replacement programme as EFAFLEX have become the partner of choice with the tried and tested SRT-ECO door solution.

This is a high-speed fabric roll up door, that features a space saving, slim frame and delivers exceptional price-performance ratio. The curtain, made from a durable transilon fabric was colour matched to the existing units, and featured a radar protection to monitor the activity either side of the door. Additional features include a safety edge, and photocell as well as being easy to keep clean, making it ideal for this client’s requirements.

The SRT-ECO is ideal for materials and handling environments, combining speed with durability. The fabric curtain can open at speeds of up to 2 metres per second and capable of up to 150,000 operating cycles per year. These features combine to deliver an exceptional return on investment.

EFAFLEX have designed a range of high-speed door solutions for use within the cleanroom and pharmaceutical industry. For this client we offer a tailored package to complete the doors ongoing service and maintenance.