VEKA - Manufacturing
High Speed Industrial
Door Case Study

Client: VEKA Limited
Location: Burnley
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: SST-S Oval Spiral Door

Who is the client?

VEKA Group have been producing PVC profiles for windows, doors, roller shutters and sliding doors for more than 50 years. Similar to EFAFLEX, they are a global, international family-owned business, and pride themselves on practising sustainable recycling management for more than 20 years.

What fast action warehouse door did they choose?

This was a refurbishment project at their Burnley based facility where they wanted to replace an old, roller shutter door for a more energy efficient alternative. This is a busy warehouse operation, with a high volume of traffic passing through the door. Due to the size of the aperture, installing the door internally was a more viable solution. An SST-S was selected as the best solution for the application. Due to the reduced headroom, an oval shaped door blade design was specified. These offer an alternative to the traditional spiral opening warehouse door design and are equally efficient.

What benefits will this high -speed industrial warehouse deliver?

The SST- S (oval) represents the next generation of industrial warehouse doors. It combines speed, with durability and performance. Opening at speeds of up to 2.5m/s it vastly reduces the ‘keep open’ time which in turn minimises heat escaping, and ingress of litter or contaminants.

What are the key benefits of this specific door?

The SST is designed for warehouse and logistic environments. Capable of up to 250,000 operating cycles per year, its durability means that the period between service or maintenance checks is lengthened, which in turn reduces the amount of costly downtime or non-operation.

Vision panels were installed within the door blade at eye level for increased user visibility and safety. In addition, due to their transparent nature, they allow daylight to flood the working environment.

Were there any specific requirements from this project?

This was a straightforward project. VEKA has been a client of EFAFLEX for more than 15 years, both in the UK and within Germany.

The design, installation and project management team worked in close collaboration with the customer to ensure a smooth installation from concept to completion.

Further warehouse doors are planned for the near future.