Shropshire Manufacturer Case Study

Client: Shropshire Manufacturer
Location: Shropshire
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: Variety

This client has been manufacturing aluminium strip since 1933 and using EFAFLEX high-speed doors across their site for around 20 years. During which time, we have specified a variety of door styles and sizes including the unique spiral and roll up, each reflecting the bespoke needs of the client’s application.

There are approximately 20 EFAFLEX high-speed doors in use across the facility, which have proven to help them minimise heat loss, reduce noise levels, and help provide weather protection.

Our latest project was in the new B6 Production Facility, where three doors were installed. Our staff worked hand in hand with their production team to fully understand both the current and possible future requirements of the building.

On site we have doors such as the SRT-MTL. This product has been specifically designed for use within Material Transport and Logistics environments. It is a power-driven high speed roll up door that is particularly suitable for confined spaces. Also in use is our STT turbo door that has the highest wind load capacity and capable of opening speeds of up to three metres per second.

Every EFAFLEX door has been built to last, using the highest quality materials to ensure reliability and performance, with extended service intervals and minimal downtime.

This is a first-class customer, looking for a first-class solution.

We are delighted to be a part of this client’s success, and with a service agreement in place we look forward to assisting them as the business expands.