Materials Supplier
High Speed Fabric Door
Case Study

Client: A materials supplier
Location: Gwent, Wales
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: 5 x SRT-274 ECO’s

The client is based in South Wales, with a heritage that dates back to 1967. Their business has expanded and today they have an annual output of around 4,000,000 sqm of laminated composites and coated tapes, with 90% of their products being exported to Europe, Far East and the USA.

The client operates within the automotive, electronics and power distribution industry and wanted to create a clean room-type environment to ensure quality control and hygiene standards.

This end user is a new client to EFAFLEX, and here we worked with their contractor as part of the new build expansion project which was completed in June 2022.

Having completed a full assessment and site survey, we advised that our SRT (fabric roll-up industrial door) would be ideal for this environment and application. These doors are designed for interior use, with the ECO version offering an exceptional price-performance ratio, with opening speeds of up to 2 metres per second and capable of up to 150,000 operating cycles per year.

The project was well managed throughout by the contractors who worked in tandem with the EFAFLEX installation team. As you’ll note from the images, two SRT fabric roll-up doors were installed to create an interlock to simulate a clean room-type environment. Transparent viewing panes were integrated into the curtain for ease of visibility and improved user safety.

The client is so pleased with the result and the benefits that the EFAFLEX high-speed doors have already brought that they have ordered more industrial doors which are in the process of being installed, with even more doors planned to follow.