IG Design Group PLC
Case Study

Client: IG Design Group plc
Location: Cardiff
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: SRT L ECO 274

This is a returning customer to EFAFLEX, who we first met at an exhibition in 2016. They had tried a variety of door types and brands, but having seen EFAFLEX in action, the first order was quickly placed and installed. The client specialises in transforming materials into wrapping paper, gifts, cards, stationery, and creative play products to be sold and used within education, commercial and home settings.

They are a global operation with facilities and studios in Cardiff, the US and Australia.

IG Design Group already had EFAFLEX spiral doors in use and au fait with their many benefits. For this area of the building an SRT-L was chosen due to its excellent price- performance ratio. We were asked to assist and replace a plastic strip curtain that served to separate two zones.

An SRT-ECO high-speed roll up fabric door was specified to match the needs of the application, combining speed of operation, and increasing user safety. A viewing window was advised and inserted to allow users to see between areas and reduce the risk of incident.  A light grid scanner with sensors installed on both sides of the door, for ease of automation and increased safety. The project was completed in August 2021.

This is a prime example of how an EFAFLEX door can help speed up operations, increase workflow and safeguard users. The finished project provided a rounded solution, combining a product that matched the needs of the customer, with further doors already being ordered for their next project later this year.

Over 60% of our installations are similar projects where the client has realised the multitude of benefits that an upgrade from existing products or suppliers to a purpose built EFAFLEX door will deliver.