Hager Limited
High Speed Warehouse Fabric Door Case Study

Client: Hager Limited
Location: Telford
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: SST-S 232

Hager Limited are another returning customer based locally in Telford. They market electrical distribution solutions for commercial and residential customers and first met EFAFLEX at a trade fair back in 2019. They had trialled various industrial doors and were keen to explore our high-speed spiral door to replace and upgrade their old warehouse roller shutter doors.

We completed our first installation for Hager in 2020 using our STT, which features clear laths in the door panel for excellent visibility and improved light flow. They opted for the TLG Light Grid to protect the door line, which was loop activated to match their existing protocols.

Subsequently, we were contacted again in 2021 as they had been delighted with the performance of the STT, namely its speed and durability. This time we were to replace a high-speed fabric door that was well-used and showing signs of wear. The SST-S was chosen for this application (high-speed spiral), and the project was completed mid-2021. This was a straightforward design and warehouse door installation, with the old door being switched out and the new door operational all in two days, thanks to the efficiency of the EFAFLEX installation team.

Hager is planning to continue their door replacement programme and return for additional EFAFLEX high-speed industrial doors in the future.