Engineering Solutions
High Speed Fabric Roll Up Door
Case Study

Client: Engineering Solutions
Location: Blackwood, South Wales
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: 1 x SRT-L Premium 271

It was a pleasure to return to this long standing customer of some 15+ years who are based in Blackwood, South Wales, to install further high-speed warehouse doors at their premises.

The client specialises in sustainable engineered solutions that safeguard the flow of electrical energy. Formed over 145 years ago, the Group have expanded to their Global position within their field of expertise. They were already aware of the EFAFLEX brand, having specified our products previously. Once again they were looking to install a fabric high–speed door to assist with the heavy flow of traffic during the day, in combination with the roller shutter that is used at night to provide an additional layer of security.

Having completed a site visit back in 2021, a SRT fabric roll-up door was recommended as they offer an exceptional price-performance ratio, delivering fast opening speeds, with a high number of operating cycles. It was designed to incorporate a blue door curatin, using an optimised window solution that both maintains high levels of natural light for user comfort, and ease of vision for user safety.

The project was completed in August 2022, and in the ‘before’ photos you’ll notice the existing roller shutter behind which we have installed our fabric high-speed door to provide a “night & day” solution.

The client opted for a TLG door line protection activation system and took out a maintenance contract to ensure the door remains in full working order for many years to come.

The client is delighted with the results and will return for additional doors from EFAFLEX as the occasion arise.