Brushtec Case
Warehouse Spiral Insulated Door
Case Study

Client: Brushtec
Location: Newcastle upon Tyne
Sector: Manufacturing
Products Used: SST-S Premium Spiral Insulated Doors

Brushtec recently enlisted our help and support to upgrade their existing warehouse sectional door that was no longer fit for purpose. This project completed in 2021 where the incumbent was replaced with an EFAFLEX industrial high-speed spiral insulated door.

Brushtec have a family heritage dating over 200 years and is one of the world’s leading manufacturers of brushes and brushware supplying to the industrial, agricultural, and municipal industries. The sectional door was slow to operate and provided little insulation. Brushtec needed a door which would improve heating efficiencies, retain heat, and offer enhanced privacy.

After consultation and input from the EFAFLEX team, the SST-S Premium was chosen as it matched the brief perfectly. This project required smooth operations with the existing door being removed and replaced within 24 hours for security purposes.

As part of the specification, the client chose a round spiral option and requested partial transparent laths in the door blade to maximise light into the work area. These double wall EFA-Therm laths offer exceptional insulation qualities and maintain U values.

A laser scanner was leg mounted to effectively monitor movements on approach to the doorway and surrounding areas for additional security and safety.

For optimal performance, the client will benefit from periodic inspections conducted by EFAFLEX to minimise unwanted downtime and ensure continued smooth operational processes.

Brushtec’s mission is similar to EFAFLEX, ‘We pride ourselves on delivering our services and products on time, to specification and in a professional manner.’