Industrial High Speed Door Case Study

Client: Westlands
Location: Evesham
Sector: Food and Beverage
Products Used: SST-L and STR-ECO

This client first saw our industrial high-speed doors in action when they visited the IMHX exhibition more than 5 years ago. They had previously used a competitor’s warehouse doors at their facility based in Offenham, Evesham. In 2015 they purchased their first products and since then have continued to install a variety of fabric and spiral EFAFLEX doors as part of new extension and refurbishment programmes.

Westlands are a British grower of specialist produce including micro leaves, edible flowers, and coastal vegetables. They supply to the world class kitchens and bars in the UK where quality and freshness is essential. From pick, to pack, to plate, the produce is handled as little as possible and kept under strict temperature control with the EFAFLEX choice of products ideal to protect against heat and cold exchange.

The industrial green doors which were chosen, perfectly reflect the building façade, is an EFA-SST®- L which features insulated laths as standard to ensure excellent heat insulation of between 0.66 – 1.52 w/m2k. Warehouse door installations include an ISO 60 door with increased insulation thanks to the 60 mm panels and enhanced sealing system.

The factory high speed doors can open at speeds of up to 2.5 metres per second and operate up to 250,000 operating cycles per year; perfect for a busy logistics centre where speed and safety are paramount.

The blue door below is a industrial high- speed roll up door, designed for materials and handling areas. It provides excellent separation between preparation and packing areas, delivering exceptional price performance ratio particularly for interior use. The clear vision panel helps reduce the risk of incidents whilst making the most of the natural light.

We are delighted to support Westlands with a warehouse door maintenance agreement and proud to be a part of their journey as they expand and grow.

Learn how EFAFLEX designed the first ever industrial high speed door.

The story began in 1974 when EFAFLEX was the first company in the world to focus exclusively on industrial high speed doors. Our vision from then until now has been to design and manufacture premium quality warehouse high speed doors for industrial use, combining speed of operation, considering the safety of the user, and also driving performance improvements.

We now sell our warehouse high speed doors in 56 countries, employing 1,400 staff worldwide.

From that original swing door (without any drive) in 1974, EFAFLEX has experienced a series of continual major milestones of development;

  • 1981 we invented the phrase ‘high speed door’ – rapid opening and closing in the form of the folding industrial door
  • 1987 saw the launch of the high-speed roll up door
  • 1992 was critical as the high speed spiral design was invented; ideal as a warehouse door, cleanroom door or factory door
  • 2002 when we become the world’s fastest vertically opening high speed door with the EFA -STR
  • 2007 saw us introduce thermal laths into the door blade design for insulation
  • 2009 when we introduced the first laser scanner being used in high-speed industrial doors for extra safety
  • 2011 we premiered the fastest car parking door in the world at BAU
  • 2012 the TK 100 was launched as the first truly one door solution for deep freeze areas
  • 2017 the high-speed door specifically for material handling and logistics applications was launched
  • 2020 EFA- SmartConnect® was introduced to network high speed doors to minimise downtime and prevent faults occurring.

No other company has our history of high speed warehouse doors. No other company has our experience and expertise.