Hereford Fruit Supplier
Case Study

Client: Hereford Fruit Supplier
Location: Hereford
Sector: Food
Products Used: SRT Roll up Fabric Door

This client is based in Hereford and wasn’t previously aware of EFAFLEX high-speed doors. Operating within the food industry which typically requires doors that are high-speed and durable, our fabric roll-up option was the ideal solution for their requirements.

The client is one of the largest independent soft fruit growers in Europe supplying berries, and British asparagus to major retailers. They pride themselves on controlling their supply chain from plant to punnet in-store, which involves rigorous logistics to ensure timely deliveries and minimise costly waste.

Having visited site at the end of 2022, we recommended an SRT for their busy facility. This was a new building with busy logistics operations, and so we suggested a transparent vision panel for visibility and improved line of sight for safety purposes.

They chose EFAFLEX due to our build quality, performance, and reliability, with the SRT capable of performing up to 150,000 operating cycles per year and opening speeds of up to 2 metres per second. The SRT will help ensure significant energy savings due to the reduced ‘keep open’ time. The SRT space saving design is ideal for this type of application and offers exceptional price-performance ratio.

Thanks go to our service team who ensured a smooth installation completed in May 2023.