Budweiser Budvar Brewery
High Speed Industrial Door Case Study

Client: Budweiser
Location: Various
Sector: Food and Beverage
Products Used: Various

Budweiser Budvar brewing has its roots dating back to the 13th Century, and whilst the four key ingredients used for making the beer remain unchanged for over 125 years, the production and processing has undergone significantly changes to cater for the global demand. 

For the last 15 years they have chosen to partner with EFAFLEX as their high-speed industrial door manufacturer and recently installed 32 doors as part of their on-going expansion.

The brewery produce more than 2,000 bottles of beverage per minute, and over 440 pallet manoeuvres recorded every hour. Part of the brewing process relies on the beer being kept at a certain temperature, whilst the smooth flow of filled bottles need to be transported around the facility, loaded and despatched.

Track a single bottle of beer through its journey and you can quickly appreciate the risk of unforeseen downtimes both in terms of financial costs and perished product.

Budweiser commissioned 32 warehouse high-speed doors as part of their expansion at the production facility. EFAFLEX is their product of choice as they have come to trust the door’s reliability and durability, opening up to 3 metres per second to help ensure the temperatures remain stable in the production and storage areas.

How will EFAFLEX help your business with a durable warehouse high speed door design, and installation?

Here are the top five reasons how an EFAFLEX high speed industrial door will aid your warehouse business;

  1. Improved efficiency

    EFAFLEX high speed industrial doors can open at speeds of up to 4 metres per second. Consider that in the context of minimising exposure to the elements for reduced heating costs., but also the improved flow of traffic in to, and out of your warehouse. If you choice one of our activation methods such as a laser scanner, then the opening can be remote controlled from the vehicle cab, or even automatic on approach.

  2. Increase security

    Our industrial doors are manufactured using quality materials. High speed doors give you more control over the access of your premises; rapidly shutting when needed to prevent unauthorised access. In a car park context this is an increasing requirement to ensure the users feel safe during their visit.

  3. Reduced contamination

    Maybe not an immediate benefit that would spring to mind, but the high speed movement of our industrial doors helps sectors such as food and beverage enormously to reduce the ingress of vermin. In a cosmetically or medical context, the high speed opening and closing reduces the risk of cross contamination and help minimise pollutants and keep air quality clean.

  4. Reduce energy costs

    Installing an EFAFLEX industrial door can help reduce energy costs by as much as 50%. The high speed opening and closing coupled with the insulation properties of the doors both minimise exposure to the elements and maintain temperature control.

  5. Improve user safety

    Our high speed warehouse doors are equipped with a variety of activation devices to enable the up to 250,000 operating cycles a year. Using a counterbalance system, an emergency opening that is needed is done at the flip of a lever.

    Many of our industrial warehouse doors can be fitted with a vision pane at head height for clear line of vision, while the clear door laths enable natural daylight too to flood the workplace.