Animal Food Manufacturer
High Speed Spiral Door
Case Study

Client: Animal food manufacturer
Location: Mid Wales
Sector: Food
Products Used: STT

This is a project which was completed in October 2022. The client, an animal feed producer was already familiar with the EFAFLEX brand as they had purchased a industrial high-speed door a couple of years previously having seen a demonstration of our product at a trade show.

For this installation the client was looking to portion off the storage facility where grain and animal feed was stored. Previously the area used a traditional roller shutter which was deemed too slow and not fit for purpose. The opening speeds meant that the facility was left exposed to the elements and risk of the produce being eaten by opportunistic vermin or birds.

Having completed a site inspection, our regional Business Development Manager recommended a STT high-speed turbo spiral warehouse door as the most appropriate solution based on its operating speeds and durability. This was a large aperture, which measured 6.7m x 5.7m. Being located in a rural part of Wales and subject to high winds, the turbo industrial door was perfect for this application. The STT spiral turbo design is capable of door opening speeds of up to 3 metres per second. It is ideal as an exterior door as it has the highest wind load capacity, while its quality components ensure that it can operate up to 200,000 cycles a year.

The design features transparent door laths, which helps improve both visibility for the farm operatives’ improved safety, and also enables natural daylight to flood the area.

The client chose push button activation, which reduces any manual or labour-intensive door operation typically used on older roller shutters.

EFAFLEX high-speed doors are popular within the food and beverage industrial sectors due to their safety features, fast operating speeds, and durability. Used across production facilities, they will help reduce energy costs and drive logistic improvements while keeping costly downtimes to a minimum.

Since photographing the installation, the customer’s own cladding team have returned to re-flash and seal the opening for optimum insulation. We’ll return to visit this client on a regular basis as part of our maintenance package.