Meal Kit Supplier
High Speed Spiral Door
Case Study

Client: Major Meal Kit Supplier
Location: Banbury, UK
Sector: Frozen (cold area)
Products Used: EFA-SST TK-100

Here is a recent industrial high speed door installation for a major meal-kit company that is rapidly expanding in the UK. We worked with their contractor, on a newly completed building and this follows earlier projects where we worked at their Banbury site.

The client aims to take the stress out of mealtimes, by boxing up and delivering chef created nutritional meals, for customers to cook at home.

They use temperature-controlled areas and high standards of hygiene around their facilities, to store, pick and pack the produce, combined with super sooth logistics, to ensure their boxed meals arrive in tip top condition.

Flow of traffic, user safety, and minimising costly downtime are key.

This is our second project installing our blast freezer TK-100 high-speed industrial freezer spiral doors for their cold areas between chiller and freezer zones. The TK-100 offers a truly one door solution for deep freeze areas, with the product capable of up to 200,000 operating cycles per year, making it ideal for a busy hub.

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The project was managed by the EFAFLEX team, who oversaw the installation without a glitch, and received very positive feedback from the main contractor and client.

This is quite typical of EFAFLEX customers, who once they have used and experienced the speed and energy saving that our products can deliver, return time and again to place repeat orders at times of expansion or relocation.

How did EFAFLEX become leaders in industrial high speed spiral doors for the food processing, and manufacturing industry?

During our decades of experience, we have been asked for industrial high-speed doors to solve a huge variety of needs across a complex array of environments. Warehouse doors that are high-speed for efficient loading of produce, thermally insulated high-speed doors that help improve energy efficiency, and cleanroom high-speed doors that reduce the risk of cross contamination and are easy to clean.

We have designed industrial high-speed doors for many well-known food and beverage brands including high street supermarkets, and their producers who supply the ingredients.

‘Speed, efficiency, reduced risk of downtime, energy saving, durability, performance, reliability’ – these are all words that have been associated with EFAFLEX high-speed industrial doors.

By listening to the needs of our growing customer base, and understanding their specific requirements means that EFAFLEX remains the industrial high-speed door of choice.

We have the flexibility to cater for your needs – each and every door is built to the client’s specification within the EFAFLEX factory.

We have the engineering expertise to design ‘best in class’ products – decades of knowledge are passed down through our teams that share the passion for innovation and quality.

Leading the way … then, now, and into the future. EFAFLEX – the original and still the best industrial high-speed door.

In short, these are some of the reasons how we excel within the food and beverage industry;

  • Industry-specific door solutions with focus on wet areas & cleaning
  • Insulated doors for deep freeze areas and temperature-controlled rooms
  • For highest hygiene standards and rust prevention
  • Optional special curtains for industrial high-pressure cleaning and disinfection
  • Alternative aseptic motors
  • FDA-tested fabric curtains
  • TK100 the only truly one door solution for chill and deep freeze zones

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