Ruskin Square Car Park Door Case Study

Client: Ruskin Square
Location: Croydon
Sector: Car Parking
Products Used: SST-PS

Take one 1960’s rather unattractive concrete car park in Croydon. Mix with a sympathetic architect, and an array of innovative manufacturers. The result is a double award-winning rejuvenation project.

This was a dark, outdated, uninviting car park that lacked effective lighting and hadn’t moved with the times. Situated adjacent to East Croydon railway station, it had the capacity for 565 parking bays arranged over 12 levels. It was underused, and unappealing. A crime hotspot.

EFAFLEX high-speed PS car parking doors were designed and installed at the car park entrance and exits. With their fast-opening speeds, these doors secure the car park facility from unwanted users, reduce exposure, and can lock to secure the premises.

The high-speed doors not only have aesthetic appeal but improved the functionality with their precision engineering. As part of a wider improvement project which included using low energy LED ambient lux lighting, and bold super graphics to improve the user experience, the project won a BPA Award as well as a regional RCIS award.

How EFAFLEX leads the way in the design and engineering of industrial high speed doors for car parking

What are designers, architects, facilities managers, and clients looking for when creating or using a car park facility? Put simply they could each have a different need or priority. Designers and architects may focus more on the aesthetics and style, facilities managers may need products that are robust and reliable, whereas spending clients will invariably look for a convenient location as a key factor.

The good news is that EFAFLEX have every angle covered! We have been leading the way in designing and engineering industrial high speed doors for decades…but HOW?

A few facts about EFAFLEX;

  • We focus only on designing and engineering high-speed industrial doors. That is our only purpose, to remain the world’s leading manufacturer for high-speed doors. Doors are all we do!
  • We employ specialists who are experts in their field. As a result our car parking team understand the needs of these clients and can advice on the best door solution for each niche application
  • One size does not fit all – we know that car park facilities come in all shapes, sizes, and locations. Underground car parks, facilities in inner cities where space is compact, using areas where infrastructure may be immovable, and therefore adapting to use the space which may be confined

Here at EFAFLEX we adapt to your needs.

Our car park industrial roll-up doors come in a variety of sizes, speeds, colours and opening styles. Our vertically opening high speed doors are the fastest in the world to reduce expose and help increase user safety. All are built to last. All are designed using quality material to ensure longer intervals between service and maintenance visits and reduce the risk of costly downtime.

You’re in safe hands with EFAFLEX!